Zipeng Zhu
What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career?
I think a lot of things in design were not taught at school so I had to learn on the spot. For example, I still haven’t master the art of dealing with clients, I still don’t understand production too well and not knowing too many people to help out on projects...
What should a young designer do in order not to get hired by anybody?
Hmm… Interesting question. Everyone likes hard-working and nice people. So be lazy and mean, you won’t get hired!
Are there any things you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?
I wish I knew that I will spend at least half of my day answering emails, a quarter phone calls, a quarter design. Also, not everything you designed the client can accept or afford :-(
Are there any rules or habits that help you do your job more efficiently?
Set deadlines for myself, force me to work faster. Taking breaks is also super helpful! A breathe of fresh air is the best!!!
Would you recommend some books that young designers might find useful?
Depends on what kind of design you are interested in. Since I do branding mostly, Introducing Culture Identities: Design for Museums, Theaters and Cultural Institutions  is one of my absolute favorite.
Zipeng answered the questions on May 24, 2014.
The answers were published on the same day.