Breanna Rose
What difficulties did you face at the beginning of your career?
I fought a lot with myself in the beginning actually. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and never saw myself falling into a ‘traditional’ design roles, yet I felt the pressure to apply to those kinds of jobs anyway, even though it wasn’t what I wanted. After applying to a handful of jobs and realizing my heart wasn’t set on any of them, I listened to my gut and decided not to settle. The thing is: there are no exact rules. You can 100% create your own path, you just have to take the leap.
What should a young designer do in order not to get hired by anybody?
While confidence is great, young designers have SO much to learn. If they are walking around like they are the best of the best... employees will most likely laugh and pass on to the next person. Willingness to learn is key.
Are there any things you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?
I wish I knew how to handle constructive criticism better. When I first started designing, I would let one slightly negative comment ruin an entire week, which simply is not a good way to live. Over time, I learned that open communication (between both the designer + client) and a willingness to problem solve (rather than dwell) make the feedback process so much smoother. I’m still working on this, but no longer feel the need to mope around when something doesn’t go as planned.
Are there any rules or habits that help you do your job more efficiently?
I’ve created a daily routine for myself and stick to it as much as possible. As a freelance designer, each and every day is different. Some days are busy. Some aren’t. But no matter what, I stick to my routine, which keeps anxiety + stress at bay and allows me to shut my office door each and everyday around (or before) 5pm to enjoy the evenings.
Would you recommend some books that young designers might find useful?
For freelancers, The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook  is really great for pricing, ethical guidelines, and much more! I also LOVE pouring through Hand Job: A Catalog of Type  when I need a good dose of inspiration outside of my comfort zone.
Breanna answered the questions on July 2, 2014.
The answers were published on July 4, 2014.